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    Velas aromáticas artesanales, disponibles en una amplia gama de colores, aromas, formas y acabados. Contamos con diseños exclusivos, ideales para decoración, regalos o souvenirs.


    Velas de Exterior

    Velas de Bautizo, Cumpleaños, Iglesia

    Velones Cuadrados, Cilíndricos

    Detalles para Bodas

    Detalles para Bautizos

Candela's Velas Barcelona

Development and Marketing of Aromatic Candles.

We specialize in scented candles made ​​in high quality wax by creating a pleasant environment for our homes. We have the best scents produced by the best international companies essences.

" Aromatic Candles. our classic flavors NARDO, MADRESELVA, GARDENIA, etc."

About Us

Artisan company dedicated to the world of candles ...

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Scented candles, candle outside, candles ...

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Details for weddings, christenings...

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Contact Us

Contact us at 93 238 42 37 Fax: 93 530 99 14

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Candles Barcelona

Scented Candles.
Lights Candles.
Variety of Candles.
Christening Candles.
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Aromatic Candles

  • Scented candles with essential oils are a satisfying and rewarding craft.
  • We have exclusive designs, perfect for decoration, gifts etc.


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Teléf.: 93 238 42 37