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About Us

CANDELA’S is a family business and artisan who has over ten years dedicated to the world of candles, with personalized service and advice offered close to all its customers.

The company has shown great versatility, with a style that marked all his creations give a traditional touch and the current time. Being a pioneer in Spain in the development and marketing of scented candles, as our classic flavors NARDO, honeysuckle, gardenia, etc.

After years of experience, we have the support of catering companies, hotels, restaurants for their various events, where they can find a comprehensive statement of our products, which may personally choose the right product for your needs.

Therefore, we have a wealth of experience within our industry to offer our customers a wide variety of products and services already established.

Aromatic Candles

  • Scented candles with essential oils are a satisfying and rewarding craft.
  • We have exclusive designs, perfect for decoration, gifts etc.


C/Córsega, 249, 08036 Barcelona
Teléf.: 93 238 42 37